Tiger Meeting 3/4 – Den Hike (Bring Flashlights and Warm Clothes!)


Posted on March 4, 2013 by

Hey Tigers!

Yeah! Almost everyone has completed the historical visit, so great job team!  It was good to see everyone this Saturday (for those that stayed) and I hope the USS Yorktown trip was a blast for the rest of you!

We are nearing the end of our time together, so we have a few things to get checked off the list.

  1. Visit a newspaper or radio station
  2. Watch a sport and learn its rules

I need all of the parents to split into two teams tonight to help me tackle getting these tasks scheduled. We would like to take care of them in April or as soon as possible.  Also, if someone could try and snag a Newton county map, that would be great. I keep forgetting to check at the grocery store (since pharmacies and gas stations no longer carry them).  I won’t have time to stop today on the way home from Athens, so if a parent could take care of this, that would be great – call and let me know if you can at 678-249-0889.

Finally, tonight we will try and complete our Den Hike, so please dress your scouts warm (hat, gloves, coat) and bring flashlights too!  Thanks and see you soon!

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