Tiger Skit for 10/29 Pack Meeting


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Hi all:

For the Pack Meeting, the boys will be performing a skit. Normally, scouts are expected to wear their Class A Uniforms (the blue shirt) but Tigers are the exception since they are the newest members of the pack. However, it is expected that we all dress the same, so please have your scout wear his orange Tiger Den shirt or at least an orange shirt of some kind (Den shirt is preferred, of course). I will be ordering at least 5-7 more Tiger Den Shirts this week, if I can negotiate a good price ($7 each), so please send me an email at tigers@pack747.net if you would like me to save one for you.  You can just pay me back later when you have the money, so please don’t worry about that right now.

During the Pack Meeting, the boys will be performing a skit and the parents decided on Skit #1 from the handout. The boys will need to know the following skit (modified a bit for effect):

All boys chant 3X: “We are the Tigers! We are the Tigers! We are the Tigers!”

Lead boy (or parent) follows up with: “What do Tigers do?”

All boys respond: “We ROAR!”

Lead boy (or parent) follows up with: “What does it mean to ROAR?”

All boys respond with:

R – is for really loud.
O – is for open wide.
A – is for all of us. (perhaps they can link arms here?)
R – is for ROAR!

All the boys finish by giving a Tiger Cub roar.

We still need to come up with props, so perhaps we can purchase poster board and print out R – O- A – R and have the boys in the front hold up the signs as they tell what it means to the the rest of the pack.  It would be great if we could locate some Tiger masks or something so that all of the boys feel they are participating but perhaps the shirts are enough and we can do away with props entirely – let’s brainstorm about this at the next meeting but feel free to send ideas to me at tigers@pack747.net.

Cynthia P.
Tiger Den Leader
Pack 747 Webmaster

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