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I have not heard from most of you concerning our Recharter.

Our recharter fees this year are $72 for the first boy and $36 for the second boy.

The $72 can be broken up into two payments of $36.

We must have one of two things by NEXT Tuesday’s meeting, December 13.

Either your first or total payment for Recharter or a request for financial assistance. If you are requesting financial assistance, please only speak with myself or Adrianne Mote. All such requests are confidential. Please see our Pack Committee chair, Jamia Brown, to make your payments. We accept cash, checks, and debit/charge and we also support PayPal.

If you have chosen not to continue with the program, please let us know that as well.

Please understand that Recharter will be turned in on Wednesday, December 14. If I have not gotten a response from you, your boy will have to be dropped from the program.

For Webelos II’s: You must recharter with the Pack in order to cross over into Boy Scouts in March. Your boy will be transferred to the Troop at that time with no additional charge from the BSA.

Starting in January, we will also start charging a monthly dues of $10. This is in lieu of the $2 voluntary donation we request each week. This money will be used to support Pack activities and will cover Recharter next year.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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