Camp Packing List


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Pack 747 Family Camping List
1. Tent with ground cover.
2. Sleeping bag or Blankets
3. Pillow (optional)
4. Air mattress or foam pad
5. Inflator for air mattress (if needed)
6. Folding chairs
7. Camp stove (no liquid fuel – optional if you just use the fire)
8. Dutch oven (optional)
9. Kitchenware (pots, pans, utensils, etc.)
10. Trash bags
11. Small folding table (optional)
12. Seasonally and family appropriate clothing.
13. Extra shoes (optional but strongly recommended closed toes only)
14. Toiletries (showers are usually available)
15. Shower shoes ( flip flops for showering only please)
16. Small first aid kit (the pack has a large one)
17. Class A uniform
18. Scout handbook
19. Swimsuit (seasonal)
20. Poncho or raincoat
21. Water bottle or canteen
22. Fishing equipment

This list is not meant to be all inclusive but rather a guideline of what to bring on a camping trip. You may certainly add to the list to suit your family’s needs. Please review the Youth Protection Policy of the BSA and understand that it will be enforced during any Scout gathering

Mike Brown
Cubmaster Pack 747

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