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Hi Tigers,

Just a reminder about this week’s meeting: We will be practicing the Tiger Skit for the upcoming Pack Meeting.  It was sent out in a prior email, but you can also find it online at and then taking a look at the Recent Tiger News section. Nickolas Vining is responsible for snacks today – thank you!

Please have your scout bring cut out copies of his favorite food and some healthy foods for the Food Pyramid (3D); we may have to push this project off until after the Firestation Visit (so we can be prepared for our skit at the Pack Meeting), but we can go ahead and store it in the boy’s folders until that time.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

10/23 – Achievement Records for your scout is due to Den Leader; please email all achievements if they are not on the poster board chart by tonight.  Also, do not assume that I will get to your records later – I have already updated what I have/know to be true.  It is possible that I may have simply overlooked your scout, so please be sure to address it with me ASAP. Don’t forget to report achievements for belt loops and pins too!

10/29 – Pack Meeting and Awards Ceremony. Hopefully, all of our Tiger Cubs will be receiving his Bobcat and Tiger Totem.  Your scout should be wearing his orange Tiger Cub t-shirt or at least an orange t-shirt of some kind.  I have four tiger den shirts available for purchase at $6 each.  After this pack meeting, your scout should be dressed in Class A uniform (blue shirt) for all remaining pack meetings. Please speak with Mike if you need monetary assistance with purchasing the Class A Uniform.

11/5 – We will *not* be meeting at the church. To save time, please meet at Firestation #14 for Tiger Den Meeting.  It is the station near Denny Dobbs Park on Hwy 212.

I hope to see everyone tonight!

Cynthia P.
Tiger Den Leader
Pack 747 Webmaster

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