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Hi everyone,

As a reminder, this is the last week to work with your scout on his Bobcat since I need to have all of the boys’ records updated and sent to me no later than Tuesday 10/23.  If you don’t have a Tiger Book yet, there is a PDF copy available on the Pack747 website under “Den Specific Forms” and there is a Bobcat Handout under “General Reading” along with a PDF copy of the Protection From Abuse Pamphlet (part of Bobcat) – http://www.pack747.net/about-us/resources-and-forms/. Your scout cannot earn any awards until after Bobcat has been earned, so please make this a priority.  It is still our Den goal to have all active Tiger scouts receiving the Bobcat & Tiger Totem (which is part of Bobcat) by the next Pack Award Meeting on 10/29. We can do it!

I have been working diligently to get the scout’s records updated. You can find them online at our Den page – the link to the Den page may change since the Pack Committee needs to review and approve the final site design – but you can always get your scout’s report by going to the Pack747.net website and clicking on “Tiger Den.” Right now, the link is here: http://www.pack747.net/tiger-den/. I was asked to remove the general password and provide a unique page for each scout/parent to sign into.  So, when you click on your scout’s name, you will be asked for a password which is your scout’s DOB in mm/dd/yyyy format including the slashes.  I do not have DOB information for Aiden C, Gunner Roberts, Matthew Mullinax, Will Q, and Nathan Jones so if you could please email them to me at tigers@pack747.net, I would greatly appreciate it.  In the meantime, those scouts can still access their report using 00/00/0000 as the password.

I will be following up in a day or so about the Skit that the boys will be performing at the Pack Meeting.  Please have them work on it this week along with cutting out their pictures of their favorite foods and healthy foods for the Food Pyramid exercise.

Cynthia P.
Tiger Den Leader
Pack 747 Webmaster

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