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Hi Tigers,

For today’s meeting, please allow your scout to draw a picture of the chore that he completed with you (or another adult partner) this past week. We plan to place these pictures in the Scrapbook, but if your scout’s photo isn’t drawn by meeting time that is okay – he can still participate by sharing/discussing his chore with the others.  This will then lead us into a discussion with the boys about “Responsibility.” Then, we need to work on a skit for the Monthly Pack Meeting – the boys should enjoy it! [As a reminder, Jaiden Cloud and Parent, is responsible for snacks today.]

I have been working on updating the Tiger’s Advancement Records, and I have finally come up with a solution that should work for us all. And, it is completely free! I am storing the records in Google Spreadsheets and they are output as a PDF file. The best things is that the content in the PDF is dynamic, which means that it will automatically update whenever any updates/changes are made to the spreadsheet itself. So, what this essentially means for you parents is that you can always view your scout’s PDF Tracking Sheet online to know exactly what I show in my records, since the link to your Tiger’s PDF will NOT change.

If you are trying to view the Advancement Reports on the Pack Website – under the Tiger Den page – then you will be prompted for a Den Password. The Den Password is Tigers2012. Note: Some scouts are not on this list because I do not have any record of them completing any tasks as of yet. Please see me during the meeting this week or next to update records. Also, if you are needing to review the Booklet Exercises for Bobcat Trail Item #8 with your scout, you can find the Pamphlet on the Pack website too – along with a PDF copy of the Tiger Handbook (which I just managed to track down this weekend).

For now, I will continue to update the Tiger Scouts records using the big poster board that we hang up in the room, but I’d eventually like to put a form online that allows parents to simply check off completed tasks whenever convenient and have the updates automatically emailed to me. The posterboard is nice for display in the room, but is very difficult to use when updating records (I keep losing the “line” and incorrectly marking which Tiger Scout should be receiving credit for what). I hope to work on the web form this week and have it ready to go next week since we are getting close to final reporting time for the Monthly Pack Awards Meeting.

See you soon!

Cynthia P.
Tiger Den Leader
Pack747 Webmaster

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