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Good evening Tigers,

I hope everyone had a great week as we move into another great week in Scouts! Your scout should still be working on his Bobcat, if he has not already earned it.  Congrats to James, Nickolas, Trenton, and Gunnar for having earned their Bobcat. I am officially all out of the Orange Tiger Den Shirts – way to go Tigers! Remember, the boys who have earned their Bobcat will be awarded at the next Pack Meeting at the end of the month on 10/28. (Forgive me, if I left anyone off this list as I am presently updating records).

As a reminder, Popcorn money is due tomorrow 10/8, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop selling! The district popcorn contest ends on the 8th, but your scout can continue to sell to family and friends all year long at http://www.trails-end.com/shop/.  You can create an account, email friends and family, and let them pay online – their items will be shipped directly to them and your son will still receive credit for the sale. [This is how my son and I participated this year.]

Next, we now have a snack schedule from now through mid-November as follows:

10/8 – Mark and Matthew Mullinax
10/15 – Jenny and Jaiden Cloud
10/22- Mary and Nickolas Vining
11/5 – Keyrone Sr. and Keyrone Jr. Hendrix
11/12 – Alex and Nathan Jones

Looking ahead:

  • We have also secured a date/time for the Firestation Visit (2G) for 7pm on Monday 11/5 at Firestation #14, which is just down the road from Prospect UMC at 6169 Hwy 212. Thank you Ms. Remington for getting that all set up for us!
  • For tomorrow’s meeting on 10/8, please have your scout bring their scrapbook folders from last meeting (if they didn’t leave it with me) along with a family photo (1D).
  • For the following meeting on 10/15, please have already completed a chore with your scout (1F) and allow your scout to draw a picture of the chore to include in his scrapbook. If you plan this chore out ahead of time, you can possibly take care of an elective too (see 24, 25, 33, 43, 47).
  • For the 10/22 meeting, please have your scout bring cut out pictures of favorite foods and healthy foods so that we can get started on the food guide pyramid (3D).
  • Parents, we need to brainstorm ideas for Visiting a Historical Building (1G), Watching a Sport and Learning its Rules (3G), and Visiting TV/Radio/Newspaper (4G).

I hope to see everyone tomorrow!

Cynthia P.
Tiger Den Leader
Pack 747 Webmaster
910-257-0889 cell

P.S. Bert Adams Scout Shop carries all books, uniforms, belts, etc. EXCEPT FOR the Tiger Den Shirts. Those have to be ordered online. Bert Adams Scout Shop is located at 218 Scout Road (off Hwy 36), Covington, 30016. There phone number is 770-385-1558 and they are open limited hours each week. Fridays from 2pm-7pm and Saturdays from 9am-5pm.

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