Wolves Meeting Update


Posted on October 4, 2012 by

Hi wolves and parents-

We had a den meeting last night, but many of you were missing. We hope you will be back next Monday night. We did Achievement 2c and 2d during the meeting, so please look at those if you can. We also did Elective 20h, track start, and raced across the gym. We also handed out the healthy habits worksheet. I have attached it to this message. The boys should track their habits for two weeks.

We discussed the Bowling Belt Loop requirement. This is nearly impossible to schedule on a Monday night due to league play, so we will continue to look for a good time to schedule it. We also tentatively planned a fire station trip for October 22.

Popcorn money is due at the next meeting, October 8th. Please have money ready to turn in. Checks should be made payable to Pack 747. If you want to increase your sales, we will be doing one more show-n-sell event at the Salem Rd. Wal-Mart this Saturday from 10-4. Please contact Mike Brown to sign up for a slot.

Mrs. Janice will be running the next meeting, as I will be travelling for business.

John King
Pack 747 Wolf Leader

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