Camping Recommendations


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Below, you will find a list of recommended items to bring on a Cub Scout camping trip. There are many free checklists on the internet that work just as well. If you have any questions, contact your Den Leader or the Cubmaster for answers.

Pack 747 Camping Recommendations Checklist

  1. Tent – There is no substitute for quality. Make sure it is big enough for everyone.
  2. Remember, this is your home away from home.
  3. Tarp(s) – for your tent to sit on. Helps protect the floor. Not required, just recommended
  4. Air mattress – Or cot, sleeping mat, etc. The ground gets awfully hard. Remember your choice here can dictate the size of your tent or vice versa.  Don’t forget a pump.
  5. Sleeping Bag – Sheets and Blankets go well with air mattresses also. A light bag and a blanket are more versatile than a heavy bag. Pillows are allowed also
  6. Mallet – for tent stakes. Beats using a rock
  7. Tent repair kit, extra stakes – Accidents happen
  8. Small broom. – to clean out your tent
  9. Camp Chairs – Folding or umbrella type for a place to sit.
  10. Camp Table- the plastic folding ones work well.
  11. Flashlights and/or Lanterns.  Don’t forget plenty of extra batteries.
  12. Camp stove- Propane only. No Coleman fuel. Charcoal is allowed
  13. Cookware- Should be sturdy. Cast iron works great but is heavy. Tailor your cookware needs to your menu and only bring what you need.  Plates, forks, spoons, and cups can be disposable but bring plenty of trash bags.
  14. Cooler- Ice is not available at Bert Adams so bring  your own.
  15. Plastic tub with lid- great place to store food and other items. Keeps water and bugs out. More than one is acceptable
  16. Cleaning supplies for cooking- Still need soap to wash dishes
  17. Food- What you eat during a camping trip is only limited by your imagination. If this is your first time, just remember to keep it simple.  Email your Den Leader or the Cubmaster any questions you may have in this area.
  18. Clothing- Boys need their Class A and B uniforms if they have them. Pay attention to the weather forecast and pack appropriately. Always bring an extra set or two for everyone in your group.
  19. Raingear-If you need it, you’re going to want it.
  20. Bug Spray- You will most likely still be bitten
  21. First aid kit- The Pack has a first aid kit but extras couldn’t hurt.
  22. Toiletries – Showers are available at Bert Adams. Bring shower shoes (flip-flops worn in the shower only)
  23. Sunscreen- The sun still shines in cooler weather
  24. Sturdy shoes- Camping is no place for sandals
  25. Water Bottle- One for each member of your group
  26. Personal Medications
  27. Camera- Lots of things to take pictures of. Don’t forget batteries.
  28. Matches/Lighter- Light your stove or a camp fire. Smoking is not allowed on Bert Adams
  29. Appropriate Cub Scout manual (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelo)

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